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Read what our students have to say about training at the Occhi’ Institute

I was lucky enough to take the first class at the Occhi' Institute's new training facility, and all I can say is WOW! I'm a cosmetologist and take a lot of classes. I've never taken one like this. It was awesome to see myself and the other students working, live, on the big screen TV. Lynn and the instructors are really attentive and knowledgeable. They sent me home with a video of my work they critiqued using drawings and voice overs. I feel more comfortable knowing I can keep in touch with the instructors after class. I can even send them more video once I've practiced so I can stay on track with my lashing. I've never seen anything like it. I'll definitely be taking more classes here. Thanks Lynn, Shelly and Tiffany!

Amanda Gasinski, IL, January 2018, Beginning Lash

This Volume lash class is perfect in every way! I loved the Eye- Tec Audio/Video System. It's a great way to capture work being done, get feedback and be able to go back and see future improvements. Thank You so much Lynn and Occhi Institute for making my aspirations come true. My life is more motivated thanks to you.

Rosario Guerrero, IL, January 2018, Volume Lash

The overall experience was great and very knowledgeable The EYE-TEC system is a great way to provide feedback on our work, with the instructor's voice over and ability to draw directly on the video. It gives us a chance to look at our mistakes over and over and correct them. Thank You Occhi, Lynn & Christine...leaving here today I feel confident and in love with this work. The learning process was explained and instructors knowledge amazing.The entire experience , both educationally and technically was fantastic!

Lilah Owaynat, IL, February 2018, Microblading class

This was an amazing experience and truly great instructors...small class size with a maximum of 5 students with 2 instructors!! I loved the EYE-TEC video system, where I could see my work, hear my instructor and watch her draw on my work and then send it to my phone for me to keep on watching and learning what I'm doing right and wrong. Amazing!!

Beate Trzcinski, IL, February 2018, Microblading class

Both Instructors were very very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable.This gave me the confidence to venture on to start my own career in Microblading I particularly like the EYE-TEC video system where I could watch others live...and look forward to viewing my work and hearing the instructors comments.I leave feeling like Lynn and Christine have my back as I can continue working with them past the class...Very valuable.

Jennifer Benningield, IL, February 2018 Microblading Class

The Eye Tec System is wonderful. It's especially great because the instructors didn't have to constantly "hover" on top of us while we were working. Can't wait to see more!

Lynn Bettenhausen, IL, March 2018, Beginning Lash